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Marine Life Saving Equipment

Marine Life Saving Equipment

Matchau Marine specializes in marine lifesaving products and fire-fighting equipment, prioritizing safety at sea. Our extensive range includes lifeboats, rescue boats, and life rafts designed to international standards. We also offer a variety of life jackets and buoyancy aids for different applications. Additionally, we provide training and authorization services for these products to clients worldwide.

Marine Life Saving Equipment Types

Proof Load Testing Equipment

We offer two types of water bags - one for lifeboat and gangway proof load testing, and the other for davit, crane, derrick, and low headroom crane proof load testing. Also the two types of wireless load cells are supplied. Choose from a range of models and capacities to suit your specific needs. Ensure accurate and reliable load testing with our cutting-edge solutions.
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The lifejacket by MATCHAU is a crucial safety equipment for maritime operations. It ensures buoyancy and supports individuals in the water, keeping them afloat and safe during emergencies. Our lifejackets are designed with high-quality materials and meet international safety standards.
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MATCHAU's liferaft is an indispensable safety apparatus for marine emergencies, offering a secure and buoyant refuge for individuals in distress. Crafted with durability and strict adherence to international safety regulations, our liferafts guarantee reliable protection during critical situations.
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Boat & Davit System

The Boat & Davit System by MATCHAU offers a complete marine solution. It includes a variety of lifeboats and rescue boats compliant with SOLAS standards, along with a reliable davit system for smooth and secure boat launching and recovery operations. We provide the boat and davit according to the requirements of clients.
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Lifesaving Appliance

MATCHAU's lifesaving appliances encompass a comprehensive range of essential equipment for marine safety. Our products, except the above lifesaving equipment, also including marine life buoys, lights for life rings & lifejackets & life rafts, immersion suits and some other marine lifesaving accessories which are designed to meet international standards, ensuring the utmost safety for individuals at sea. Trust in our reliable and high-quality lifesaving appliances to protect lives in critical situations.
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Marine Fire-Fighting Equipment

MATCHAU offers a complete range of Marine Fire-Fighting Equipment, essential for dealing with onboard fire emergencies. These top-notch products are engineered to effectively combat fires at sea, ensuring the safety of vessels and crew. Trust MATCHAU's high-quality fire-fighting solutions to mitigate fire hazards and protect lives on board.
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Navigation Safety

Your trusted partner for top-notch marine safety solutions, offering Marine Clear View Screens, Electrical Window Wipers, IMO Symbols, and Marine Flags to enhance onboard safety.
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Advantages of Marine Life Saving Equipment

Enhanced Safety

Marine lifesaving products, such as lifeboats and life rafts, provide a secure and buoyant refuge during emergencies, ensuring the safety of crew and passengers at sea.

Compliance with Regulations

These products are designed and manufactured to meet international safety of life at sea standard and maritime regulations, guaranteeing their reliability and effectiveness.

Quick and Efficient Deployment

Marine lifesaving products are engineered for easy and swift deployment, enabling prompt response during critical situations, and increasing the likelihood of successful rescues.


Functions of Marine Life Saving Equipment

Emergency Evacuation
Buoyancy and Support
Survival Shelter
Visibility and Communication
Emergency Evacuation Buoyancy and Support Survival Shelter Visibility and Communication

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