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Lifejacket Accessories

Lifejacket Accessories

MATCHAU offers a comprehensive selection of Lifejacket Accessories designed to enhance the functionality and safety of lifejackets. Our range includes essential items such as whistles, lifejacket light, automatic and manual inflatable device, water sensing cartridge, yellow bobbin, cylinder and more, ensuring optimal preparedness and visibility for individuals at sea.

Lifejacket Accessories Types

Lifejacket Light
A lifejacket light is a small, water-resistant gadget engineered to boost visibility and safety for those donning lifejackets or other buoyancy aids. Its main role is to amplify visibility during dim light or night conditions, simplifying the task for rescuers or other vessels to spot a person in the water.
Whistles serve as a crucial instrument for lifeguards and water safety staff, enabling them to convey signals and alerts efficiently in aquatic settings like swimming pools, beaches, and water parks.
Manual Inflatable Device
A Manual Inflatable Device refers to an inflation mechanism for inflatable lifejackets that requires manual operation when necessary.
Automatic Inflator
An Automatic Inflator, typically found in life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs), is designed to activate automatically upon water contact. This technology inflates the lifejacket’s chambers, guaranteeing swift inflation of the personal flotation device during emergencies, even if the user is incapacitated or unconscious.
Oral Tube
An oral tube, another component of an inflatable PFD, is typically a valve-equipped tube integrated into a personal flotation device (PFD). It enables the user to inflate the air chamber(s) manually by blowing air into it.
Yellow Bobbin
Yellow Bobbin is a phrase frequently linked with life jackets, personal flotation devices (PFDs), and other flotation aids employing automatic inflation systems. The yellow bobbin, a part of these devices, is instrumental in triggering the automatic inflation procedure when the user comes into contact with water.
Water Sensing Cartridge
A component inside a device that senses water and initiates a particular action, similar to the function of a yellow bobbin, is used with the new inflatable device. This action might involve triggering an automatic inflation system in a life jacket or PFD to inflate the air chamber(s).
New Inflatable Device (Uml Inflator)
The New Inflatable Device is a newly designed mechanism for the inflation of life jackets, guaranteeing rapid inflation of the lifejacket during emergencies.
Co2 Cylinder
Co2 cylinders find widespread use in numerous applications such as inflating life jackets, operating pneumatic tools, carbonating drinks, among others. In relation to life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs), CO2 cylinders frequently form part of the automatic inflation system.

FAQ of Lifejacket Accessories

What Types of Accessories Are Available for Lifejackets?

Lifejacket accessories can include reflective tape, whistles, lights, safety harnesses, crotch straps, and spray hoods, among others.

Do Lifejackets with Lights Improve Safety?

Lifejackets with built-in lights offer increased visibility in darkness, aiding search and rescue efforts during nighttime emergencies.

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