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Foam Lifejacket

Foam Lifejacket

A durable and buoyant safety essential for water activities. Made with high-quality foam material, it provides reliable flotation and comfort, ensuring enhanced safety and peace of mind.

Foam Lifejacket Types

88N Rigid Lifejacket for Child MMRS-1
This life jacket is a sturdy personal flotation device specifically designed for children’s use.
88N Rigid Life Vest for Child MMRS-2
This life jacket, a personal flotation device, is engineered to ensure the wearer’s airway stays above water, regardless of their consciousness state.
100N Rigid Work Vest MMGY-3
This life jacket, a rigid type, is used as a work vest for workers.
275N Foam Lifejacket MMRS-A3
This life jacket is engineered to offer 275 Newtons (N) of buoyancy, signifying its suitability for challenging aquatic conditions, including turbulent seas.
150N Foam Lifejacket MMRS-A4
The 150N Foam Lifejacket MMRS-A4 is a buoyant, safety device designed for optimal protection in water environments.
150N Foam Life Vest MMRS-A5
The MMRS-A5 150N Foam Life Vest is a buoyancy aid designed for individuals weighing between 43kg and 140kg, ensuring safety in aquatic situations.
150N Rigid Life Vest MMRS-A6
The MMRS-A6 150N Rigid Life Vest is a safety device designed to provide buoyancy of at least 150N, ensuring optimal floatation in water.
155N Rigid Lifejacket MMRS-A7
The MMRS-A7 is a 155N Rigid Lifejacket made from durable polyester fabric, designed to provide safety and buoyancy in aquatic environments.
150N Rigid Lifejacket MMRS-A8
The MMRS-A8 is a 150N Rigid Lifejacket equipped with a whistle, body line, and lifting loop, designed for optimal safety and convenience in water environments.
155N Rigid Lifejacket MMRS-A9
The MMRS-A9 is a 155N Rigid Lifejacket designed for individuals weighing between 43kg and 140kg, providing optimal buoyancy and safety in water.
75N/100N Work Vest MMRS-A10
The MMRS-A10 75N/100N Work Vest is a robust and superior life vest, specifically crafted for workers needing extra safety during water-related tasks. It offers a blend of 75N and 100N buoyancy, ensuring adequate floatation for a range of aquatic activities and emergencies.
PVC/NBR Life Vest
A life vest made from PVC/NBR is a kind of personal flotation device (PFD) crafted from a mix of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber). This PVC/NBR life vest is a resilient and adaptable PFD that merges the robustness and water repellency of PVC with the pliability and shock-absorbing qualities of NBR. It is typically utilized in offshore platform projects.

What Kind of Foam Is Used in Foam Life Jacket?

Foam life jackets typically use closed-cell foam as the buoyant material. Closed-cell foam is a type of life vest foam that has closed cells or bubbles that are sealed off from each other, preventing the foam from absorbing water. This characteristic makes closed-cell foam buoyant and suitable for use in life jackets. The foam provides the necessary buoyancy to keep the wearer afloat in water, ensuring their safety during water-related activities. Closed-cell foam is also known for its durability and resistance to water, making it a reliable choice for life jacket construction.

FAQ of Foam Lifejacket

How Do You Maintain a Foam Lifejacket?

Regular maintenance involves inspecting the lifejacket for any damages, ensuring all straps and buckles are secure, and keeping the foam material clean and free from debris.

What Are the Advantages of Foam Lifejackets over Inflatable Lifejackets?

Foam lifejackets are ready to use immediately without any inflation required, making them reliable and suitable for situations where rapid flotation is crucial.

What Is the Lifespan of a Foam Lifejacket?

The lifespan of a foam lifejacket depends on its usage, maintenance, and the quality of materials. With proper care, foam lifejackets can last for several years.

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