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Lifeboat & Rescue Boat

Lifeboat & Rescue Boat

Essential marine vessels for emergency evacuation and rescue operations. Compliance with safety standards, providing reliable and secure means of transport for crew and passengers during critical situations.

Lifeboat & Rescue Boat Types

Totally Enclosed Lifeboat
Matchau’s Totally Enclosed Lifeboats are designed for ocean-going tankers and cargo ships. They can operate in temperatures from -50℃ to +45℃, fit various davit hook distances, and meet different class certification requirements.
Partially Enclosed Lifeboat
The Partially Enclosed Lifeboat, used on cruise ships and ferries, features a compact, reasonable structure. It’s lighter, smaller, and stronger than totally enclosed lifeboats, offering a more spacious and comfortable cabin. It can be raised and loaded by gravity and hydraulic luffing arm type davit.
Free Fall Lifeboat
The Free Fall Lifeboat, made from fiber-reinforced plastic, is designed for rapid escape from dangerous situations like offshore oil drilling. Its construction allows for quick water entry and self-stability. Available in various lengths from 4.90m to 16.50m, it’s a popular choice for high-risk environments.
Fast Rescue Boat
Matchau Fast rescue boat has sufficient flexibility and easy to operate in the waves.The self-righting device is installed for fast rescue boat which meet with requirement for use on board the RORO ve...
Rigid Rescue Boat
The Rigid Rescue Boat features an oil-resistant foam fender and fastening rubber. It has handrails on each side for easy passenger embarkation and a self-bailing deck for quick water exhaust, ensuring efficient and safe rescue operations.
Open Type Lifeboat
The Open Type Lifeboat is a reliable and efficient lifesaving device designed for passenger and cargo ships in inland rivers. It offers excellent buoyancy and stability, robust hull structure, and essential lifesaving equipment. It’s user-friendly, ergonomic, and provides effective life protection in maritime emergencies.

What Is Difference Between Lifeboat and Rescue Boat?


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Rescue Boat

FAQ of Lifeboat & Rescue Boat

What Is a Lifeboat?

A lifeboat is a specialized marine vessel designed for emergency evacuation from a ship or vessel during critical situations, such as accidents, fires, or sinking.

What Is a Rescue Boat?

A rescue boat is a smaller, maneuverable vessel used primarily for search and rescue operations. It is deployed to assist individuals or vessels in distress and provide aid during emergencies.

How Is a Rescue Boat Different from a Lifeboat in Size?

Rescue boats are generally smaller and more maneuverable than lifeboats, making them suitable for accessing tight or difficult-to-reach areas during rescue operations.

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