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Boat & Davit Fittings

Boat & Davit Fittings

MATCHAU's Boat & Davit Fittings comprise premium-grade components that seamlessly integrate with the boat and davit system. These fittings guarantee secure and efficient boat handling during deployment and recovery operations, ensuring optimum safety and performance on marine vessels.

Boat & Davit Fittings Types

Boat Battery Charger CD4212-2
The Boat Battery Charger CD4212-2 is a marine-grade charging device designed to recharge batteries on boats and marine vessels. It operates at a main voltage of AC 42V, with a charge voltage of DC 2 x 12V and a charge current of DC 2 x 5A, ensuring efficient and reliable charging.
Boat Battery Charger CY2-12-5
The Boat Battery Charger CY2-12-5 is a robust device designed for marine use. It recharges and maintains boat batteries with an input voltage of 42V AC, output voltage of 2 x 14.5V DC, and output current of 2 x 5A DC. Its protection grade of IP 56 ensures durability and reliability in challenging marine conditions.
Boat Battery Charger SD512-2
The Boat Battery Charger SD512-2 is a marine-grade charging device designed for optimal performance in boating applications. It operates with an input voltage of 42V AC, a charge voltage of 2 x 12V DC, and a charge current of 2 x 5A DC. Its IP56 protection grade ensures it withstands harsh marine environments.
Lifeboat Magnetic Compass
The Lifeboat Magnetic Compass is a vital navigation tool used in lifeboats and survival crafts. It determines direction based on Earth’s magnetic field, providing reliable orientation in emergency situations where electronic navigation systems may fail or be unavailable, thereby ensuring safety at sea.
Lifeboat Motor Starter
The Lifeboat Motor Starter, specifically model QDJ138CS, is a vital component of the lifeboat engine system. Operating at a voltage of 12V and power of 2.5KW, it initiates the engine’s combustion process, ensuring a smooth and reliable start. This device is essential for powering small watercraft like boats, dinghies, and pontoons.
Boat Power Switch
The Boat Power Switch is a critical component in boats and marine vessels, controlling the flow of electrical power to various systems and components. This switch plays a pivotal role in managing the boat’s electrical system.
Lifeboat Position Light
The Lifeboat Position Light is a specialized navigation light designed for lifeboats and other small survival crafts. It enhances the visibility of lifeboats in low-light or nighttime conditions, aiding rescue operations in locating and approaching the lifeboat.
Marine Search Light
The Marine Search Light is a high-intensity light fixture designed for use on boats, ships, and other maritime vessels. It provides powerful illumination over long distances, serving various purposes such as navigation, signaling, search and rescue operations, and security.
Radar Reflector
The Radar Reflector is a device used in maritime applications to increase the visibility of vessels on radar systems. It operates by reflecting radar signals emitted by other vessels, ships, or land-based radar installations, thereby making the vessel more detectable.
Manual Bilge Pump
The Manual Bilge Pump is a mechanical device designed to remove water that accumulates in the bilge, the lowest part of a boat’s interior. Water can collect in this area due to various factors such as rain, waves, leakage, or other sources.
Waterproof Torch
The Waterproof Torch is a portable lighting device specifically designed to operate in wet, damp, or even underwater conditions without being damaged by water.

How Do Boat & Davit Fittings Enhance Safety?

Robust Construction: Boat & Davit Fittings are built with durable materials to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring their reliability and safe performance during boat handling and lifting operations.

Secure Connections: These fittings, such as shackles, hooks, and wire ropes, create strong and secure connections, minimizing the risk of accidental detachment and enhancing overall safety during lifting and lowering tasks.

Compliance with Safety Standards: Reputable Boat & Davit Accessories meet international safety standards and regulations, providing confidence that they adhere to strict safety criteria, contributing to the safety of boat and davit systems on marine vessels.

FAQ of Boat & Davit Fittings

What Are Boat & Davit Fittings?

Boat & Davit Fittings are specialized components and accessories designed to enhance the functionality and safety of boat and davit systems on marine vessels.

What Types of Fittings Are Included in Boat & Davit Fittings?

Boat & Davit Fittings may include items such as battery charger, motor starter, position light, radar reflector, wire ropes, hooks, shackles, pulleys, blocks, and other hardware components used in boat and davit systems.

Do Boat & Davit Fittings Require Regular Maintenance?

Yes, regular yearly & five yearly maintenance and inspection of Boat & Davit Fittings are essential to ensure their proper functioning and compliance with safety standards.

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