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Electrical Window Wiper

Horizontal electric type boat windscreen wiper is a kind of electrical window wiper to be used for windows in wheelhouse or operating cab in a vessel. lt has a speed-adjustable motor-driven power, rails are made of aluminum alloy, and it drives rubber wiper blade installed at the bottom of stainless steel swing rod to wipe the glass horizontally through the transmission, and in order to maintain a clear vision in the ocean waves crashing, rain and snow and other environments. This product is appropriate for various vessels and civil vessels.

Standards of Electrical Marine Window Wiper

The marine window wiper complies with CCS 《Rules For Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships》(2006) and CB1366-2002《General Specification for Naval Vessel Window Wiper》

Technological Parameters of Electrical Window Wiper

Power Supply

AC 220V / DC 24V

Power Frequency

50Hz / 60Hz

Wipe Speed


Consumed Power Of Motor


Consumed Power Of Heater


Protection Grade




Optional Parts

Heater and Waterworks

Installation of Electrical Window Wiper

The main unit of marine window screen wipers is mounted above the outdoor side scuttle and the rod is downwards. lf the customer has other installation requirements, we can confirm both technologies for custom-designed.

1. Body

2. Motor

3. Arm

4. Blade

5. Cable

6. Heater

7. Plusminus Screw

8. Locknut Screw

Specification of Electrical Window Wiper


Power Supply

Body length (L)

Wiper stroke (St)

Arm length (A)

Blade length (E)



1000-3000 Customizable

According to customer requirements

500-2700 Customizable

According to customer requirements

400-800 Determined by the central height

400-1000 determined by the height of the wiped glass



Note When Using the Boat Window screen  Wiper

Wiping distance, body length, blade length, and rod length can be customized according to user requirements.

The last letter "R" follows the model which is represented the heater, if you needn't, please delete "R".

What You Need To Know When Ordering

1. When ordering please specify the size of glasses and power source.

2. lf any special requirements on the size or others, both sides should confirm technical when ordering and then according to the confirmed drawing for production.

3. The built-up control panel of the boat window wiper(including horizontal electric window wiper and window screen)can be made it base on client special order.

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