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Load Cell Shackle

The MATCHAU range of load shackles complements our standard dynamometer version, the load shackle also called wireless crane scale, and are ideal for situations where the use of traditional dynamometer would limit distance or movement, or where for safety reasons, a greater distance is needed between the load shackles and the operator.

In addition to the benefits of increased safety and maneuverability, the load shackles are far more convenient to use, and the price of load shackle is much cheaper than dynamometer set.

The handheld display to accommodate several load shackle signals, and by using a receiver/data converter that gives RS485 output, the number of monitored transducers can be increased to as many as 32. Battery check, data protection and error detection are also standard features. Normal operating distance is mourned 300 meters subject to operating conditions.

All load shackles come with calibration certificate when dispatch.

Key Features and Benefits of Load Cell Shackle

  • Integrated Load Cell: Load cell shackles incorporate a load cell into their design, allowing them to measure the force or load applied to the shackle with high precision.

  • Wireless Technology: Some load cell shackles feature wireless technology that enables real-time transmission of load data to remote displays or monitoring devices.

  • Accurate Measurements: Load cell shackles provide accurate and reliable load measurements, making them valuable tools for ensuring safe lifting and load handling operations.

Specifications of Load Cell Shackle

ModelCapacityResolutionDimension (MM)
LS02-5t3T - 5T2kg36.658102148

Main Technical Data of Load Cell Shackle

Rated Load


Wireless Frequency

430 - 470 MHz

Wireless Distance

Min. 200M (default)

A/D Conversion

-20bit, more than 50 times/seconds


Li-On rechargeable DC7.4V/2500mAh

Combined Error

±0.02% F.S

Creep Error(30min)

±0.02% F.S

Zero Balance

±1% F.S

Temperature Effect On Zero

±0.02% F.S / 10

Temperature Effect On Span

±0.02% F.S / 10

Operating Temperature Range

-30to +70

Maximum Safe Over Load


Ultimate Over Load


Sealing Class

IP67 / IP68

Element Material

Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel

Note: other capacity (rated load) also can be customized according to client's requirements.

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